воскресенье, 2 июня 2013 г.

World Peace

      Is it possible to create peace in the entire world? What a debatable question. We all dream of living in a perfect world with no conflicts and no grief. However we are not only should dream it, we should try to achieve it. Now let’s see exactly why humanity will never be able to come to the perfect world.

      First of all, in order to avoid conflicts, every single person on this planet will have to stop putting himself first. That means that people have to get rid of selfishness and vanity. Have to stop thinking of other people's interests more and help each other out at any price. Lets be honest, are you willing to put someone else's interests in front of your own? I can hardly believe it.

       Money is also a big reason why conflicts will never stop. Those kinds of conflicts come from envy. The poor are jealous of rich, and unless the whole world won't come to a communist regime all at once, the contrast will remain. And so will envy.

       Wars have been going on in this world from the beginning of all humanity. Love, money, envy, vanity – those are all causes of different types of conflicts. If peace in the entire world was possible, people would come to it long ago. It didn't yet. There are still many wars around the world. And I don't see an end to them.

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