пятница, 24 мая 2013 г.

Community service hours

I started to volunteer for different kind of events a long time ago. My first activity were lot of events, on which I was taking pictures. I like photography, this is one of my favorite hobbies and it was a pleasure for me to volunteer. Next step of my community service life is tutoring people. I helped some students to tutor them; explaining some information which they don't understand during the class period.
 I enjoy helping other people. Some time ago I volunteered for the communty called «Feeding Children everywhere» and I think it can be the most important one in my life. This community is for helping gathering food for orphans and kids who don't have their own family. We combine some different food into bags and measure them to have the same amount in every single bag. We pack a lot of bags of food for children. I like volunteering for different events.

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