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Everyone in their life has his or her own favorite book. It can be meaningful or important to them and they might have some feelings and emotions related to this book. As for me I have this kind of book. One of the books is "Hate List" by Jennifer Brown. This book is a little difficult. Not hard for a language, but for all your thoughts. This book is about girl - Valerie; she and her boyfriend, Nick, had the list of those people who he actually didn't like or hated.  One day Nick started a shooting at their school's cafeteria. He killed some people, while Valerie was trying to stop him and he shot her and after a while he shoot himself. After a while from the rehabilitation she went back to school, it was hard for her. Imagine all those memories and people were looking at her with a  not so lovely view. But she survived, and she figured out the way how to be a normal student again and finish her senior year.
I like this book, because it makes me think about life, about people and everything around me. When I was reading this book I put myself at the place of Valerie and all these time while I was reading the book, I was with her. I felt every emotional, a lot like Valerie.  When you put yourself in the place of the character you're reading about you feel more connected in some way to them.  Then when you feel that connection, you enjoy reading the book so much more. 
I recommend everyone to read this book, you will enjoy it!

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