пятница, 24 мая 2013 г.


I would like to share my accomplishment with you. Firstly is sport. Sports take a big role in my life. I earn some medals and category signs in swimming and skiing. I am proud of it because it means to me that If i state any goals I always achieve them. Secondly is photography.  I have been doing photography for almost 4 years. I really love it and thi is one of my favourite hobbies. What is more I was asked to work as a professional photographer on a wedding and a perfoming events.  Third is Scuba Diving Certificate - PADI. Some years ago I passed some courses and now I have a Scuba Diving Certificate for 12 meters and more. And the last one but not the list is that I was accepted to be a prefect in the dorms at my school. I think it is a good beginning for my future life.

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