среда, 24 апреля 2013 г.


3 hooks

1. Nowadays music become very important to people. We listen it every where and whenever we have something which is going wrong we always have headphones and a favourite playlist. So here is mine. Introduce myself and then begin.

2. Have you ever recognised why do we listen to music? Does it help us relax or is it provides some great ideas? For everyone it's defferent. As for me than it both.  I am – inroduce myself and begin.

3.Usually when we listen to songs. They become really important to us. Somehow we try to listen to those which we can connect to ourself. The one which we can understand and which are becoming important to us. Everyone in whis world have something like this. As well as the artists sometimes sing about real problems, or thei feelings, or aomethich what is important to them. I have this type of songs too. And they are very important to me. For some of them I have some good memories and feelings. To begin with – introduce myself and continue.

Reflction: After writing these three hooks for my speach I decided to go with  the third one, because I expalined why music is iportant to us and what do we usually choose and rhen I add somethibg for myself. I thunk this hook will be the best pre-introducrion for my speach.

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