четверг, 11 апреля 2013 г.

Caine's Arcade

Today we watched very interesting video called "Caine's Arcade", which you can find here. This video tell us about 9 year old kid which organized his own business of game machines. He is very smart for his age and he constructed automates using the mail box paper. What is more he invented small tickets, which you can get , if you won something and some fun passes which included those tickets. I think this all his production was really good because not everyone at this age can do it.

At the beginning Caine didn't have any of the visitors and he was alone. But the one of the good points is that he didn't loose his hope. Hope of getting more and more visitors ad members. One day there was one guy who played games and he enjoyed it so much that he can't stop. By this time he told Caine's dad that he can help him to tell public about this place. He made an invention on Facebook and invited his friends. After all there were around 4000 visitors and members. People wanted to join it, the wanted to try something new, something fun. One day when Caine went back to his work place he saw hundreds of fans. All these people wanted to start playing on the arcade.

It is very impressive how internet can help to catch public's attention. You just make an invention of Facebook for example and it's done, people are accepting it. On my opinion it is a really good way to do it.

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