вторник, 30 апреля 2013 г.


I like to watch movies, but I can't tell you what is my favorite movie which I could watch again and again. But I still have one which is called "Tomorrow when the war began". For more information look here.

This movie is about group of teenagers who decided to go to the forrest camp for a weekend and by they time they were coming back, they realized that their town is occupied and the war began. This movie tech me to never give up after first failures. It tells you how to be faithful for you home and how to fight for it.  I like this movie, because it made me think about the world and about the life. These guys who are playing the main roles in a movie are very strong and devoted to there to there home. They are starting to fight for there freedom.

среда, 24 апреля 2013 г.


3 hooks

1. Nowadays music become very important to people. We listen it every where and whenever we have something which is going wrong we always have headphones and a favourite playlist. So here is mine. Introduce myself and then begin.

2. Have you ever recognised why do we listen to music? Does it help us relax or is it provides some great ideas? For everyone it's defferent. As for me than it both.  I am – inroduce myself and begin.

3.Usually when we listen to songs. They become really important to us. Somehow we try to listen to those which we can connect to ourself. The one which we can understand and which are becoming important to us. Everyone in whis world have something like this. As well as the artists sometimes sing about real problems, or thei feelings, or aomethich what is important to them. I have this type of songs too. And they are very important to me. For some of them I have some good memories and feelings. To begin with – introduce myself and continue.

Reflction: After writing these three hooks for my speach I decided to go with  the third one, because I expalined why music is iportant to us and what do we usually choose and rhen I add somethibg for myself. I thunk this hook will be the best pre-introducrion for my speach.

понедельник, 15 апреля 2013 г.

My artifact

Today I will tell you about my artifact. As for me my artifact is my medals, grades and formal docunment. This is really important for me, because I earned it by doing sports. In my life I used to do a lot of types of sport and in some of them I achieve some results, which is making me to be proud of myself.
            My first year I got from skiing. I was small kid and when I wom at the competions, it reallu made me happy. The most important part of my life is swimming. I was doing for more than 3 years and I became very close to it. By winning the competitions I earned all this things, which became artifacts for me. I am very proud that I have them and that I will keep soing it more and more and never stop in the middle until I will go to the end.

четверг, 11 апреля 2013 г.

Caine's Arcade

Today we watched very interesting video called "Caine's Arcade", which you can find here. This video tell us about 9 year old kid which organized his own business of game machines. He is very smart for his age and he constructed automates using the mail box paper. What is more he invented small tickets, which you can get , if you won something and some fun passes which included those tickets. I think this all his production was really good because not everyone at this age can do it.

At the beginning Caine didn't have any of the visitors and he was alone. But the one of the good points is that he didn't loose his hope. Hope of getting more and more visitors ad members. One day there was one guy who played games and he enjoyed it so much that he can't stop. By this time he told Caine's dad that he can help him to tell public about this place. He made an invention on Facebook and invited his friends. After all there were around 4000 visitors and members. People wanted to join it, the wanted to try something new, something fun. One day when Caine went back to his work place he saw hundreds of fans. All these people wanted to start playing on the arcade.

It is very impressive how internet can help to catch public's attention. You just make an invention of Facebook for example and it's done, people are accepting it. On my opinion it is a really good way to do it.

вторник, 2 апреля 2013 г.

My music list

During this course we paid some attention to music which can remind us about something or can inspire us for doing a great job. Here are some songs, which inspire me whenever I am listening to them. Take your time to look through it and enjoy!

  One Republic
        “All the right moves”

I like this song because i like the music and when I am listening to it just make me smile.Because it has a nice beat and a nice meaning

“Rolling in a deep”

I like the beat of the song and the way she sing, her voice is really deep and inspiring.


     I really enjoy listening to this song because I like the meaning of the song and the way he sing it. When he sing he put all his soul in his words and that is what I kite about this song. Also he explains different photography pictures which represents his life starting from childhood and ending with his life nowadays.

    Linkin Park 

This is one of my favorite songs for a lot of ages. When I am listening to this song I always feel myself amazing. Whenever I have a bad mood or anything else I always turn on this song. I don'y know why, but I think Linkin park - Numb always will keep me alive. I mean, just be myself no matter what.

“Before I forget"

This song is a lot different from other songs that I am listening to. But it is food on the other side. It is metal and sometimes I enjoy listening to this kind of music.


This beautiful slow song inspires me that you can’t give up after first failure; 
     you should always keep going because it’s too late to apologize for your mistakes.

 “Short skirt, Long jacket”

This cool song describes the perfect young girl. It is very funny and I enjoy listening it.

My Chemical Romance 
    These guys are telling us, that we all going to dye. No matter what  and we should always be ready for this. I know that this song has a sad meaning, but at the same time I enjoy listening it. My Chemical Romance are singing any kind if things that they care about. The don't  imagine anything, only the truth. 

     David Guetta 

  When I listen to this song I understand that we should never forget about our memories. Because memories is tone of the greatest things of human life. Everything that happening to us every day is our life which contain our memories which we will always remember. Just levee your own life and enjoy yourself!

“ Rockstar” 

This song remind me about the perfect young guy life. Because sometimes when you work too hard you should always take a rest to have and make some fun! he tell us how he spend the his best day and that he will always think about it. He knows that its only his choice and it was the best because we live only once!


I choose to make this logo for me because it can represent me. I made a logo using adobe photoshop CS6. I decided to start with the idea using myself and camera in my logo picture because I really enjoy taking pictures, it is one of my favorite hobbies. In my logo you can see me, holing the camera. On my lens I decided to write my first and last name "Anastasia Vladimirova". Because like this people will know you am I and what I am doing. 
I choose this logo, because it describes me on a best way.