вторник, 26 марта 2013 г.


In our class we watched the TED video: "Half a million secrets, which can be found ". It was very interesting and inspiring; click here to see the video!

By the time watching this video we saw a lot of secrets which people posted on this company website, They shared there secrets with other people. It is an anonymous web site and no one can catch you by uploading this to the whole of the world.
I really liked the secret from twin towers. There was a postcard with twin towers where were written : "Everyone  who knew me before 9/11 believe that I am dead". I think it is a great secret because this person is trying to replace his or here life. He might me didn't like his previous life and now he might be trying to change it. It can be a good chance to this person just to forget everything that was before this tragedy and live his new life.

My first speech

Theme: Trip to remember

I had my first speech in Personal Branding class this Friday. I had a great experience. I think I did well. I made a introduction and explain my clear idea as well. I did some examples so it sounded much more better. I did well on my conclusion. I wasn't really good in my first speech. But I will be practicing more and more and I will definitely become better.